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Diwali or Deepavali

Something about Diwali

In India, there are so many festivals. Diwali or Deepavali is one of the most important and beautiful events for them. Diwali comes after autumn better we can see this is the early time of winter.

Diwali the festival of light and happiness. this is the symbol of Darkness to transparency.

This is mainly the festival of Hindu religion people, but also celebrated by other people like seek Buddhist and Jain et cetera.

Diwali may be celebrated in different states by the worship of different Goddesses like Goddess Kali and Goddess Lakshmi. every people from different religion or caste celebrate Diwali. During this auspicious day people clean and decorate their home and office with beautiful lights.

Interior and exterior part of their home or illuminating by Pradeep/Diya and candles. Offer prayer/Pooja to Laxmi. The Goddess of prosperity and wealth. Some part of India especially in West Bengal offers Pooja/ prayer to Goddess Kali. she is the Goddess of Destroyer of Evil force. Our India is really incredible. In the time of Diwali, this is observed that there is significant regional variety for Diwali celebration.
Generally Diwali is celebrated after 18 days of Dussehra festival along with Dhanteras the meaning of Dhan- means wealth and Teras- means 13 this is the celebration of wealth and prosperity.

in the first day of Diwali peoples are prepared by cleaning their homes and laying fantastic floor decoration and with Diyas, candle and light crackers passage rangoli. The second day is Choti Diwali and the third day is Dark of the traditional month.

Some part of India Diwali is celebrated with Govardhan puja and other rituals of Diwali Padva which is dedicated to the husband and wife relationship.
Last day of Diwali some Hindu community celebrate s Bhai Phota/ Bhai Dooj which signifies the relationship between brother and sister.
In India, the occasion of Diwali all the offices remain closed. Peoples are happy getting the bonus from their companies. All family members are gathered together. During this celebration sweets/mithai and gifts are shared with near and dear ones.

Beyond the light beyond the fun and masti The Spiritual significance of Diwali is progress and prosper, forgiveness, Rise and Shine, unite and Unity, illuminate your inner self.

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